My paintings represent deep emotional responses to the land and seascapes of the south west of England, my home since childhood. I work from rapid drawings made in the field and then develop my subject back in the studio by exploiting all the expressionist possibilities of unusual combinations of surface and pigment.

Thrift and gorse near St-Agnes (mixed media on board) 90x60cm

I have spent my life painting and teaching art. I have worked through representational stages and partly through my involvement in teaching, constantly experiment with a wide range of original materials and techniques. I am always looking for new ways to interpret my subjects. Inspiring students and encouraging them to be both imaginative and adventurous has enriched my own artistic output.

Campions near St Ives (mixed media on board) 90x60cm

I work on the notion of art as memory, fleeting fragmentary images of a brief moment in time. I show changes in atmosphere, weather and movement, especially that of the sea. My work portrays different times of day, a cloud burst or sudden change of light and conditions with the consequent changes in the colour and texture of the land and sea.